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To most people, “machining” means transforming raw metal into a specific shape and size. However, wood, ceramic and plastic can all be machined as well.

Our clients in oil and gas, mining and manufacturing have all discovered cast polyurethane parts can also be machined into excellent products with a wide range of uses.

Since polyurethane compounds exhibit a variety of physical characteristics, they can be turned, sawed, drilled, tapped, ground and milled. Machinists who haven’t yet worked with polyurethane should experiment to get a feel for the speeds, feed rates and tools that work best for each method. If you have experience machining plastics, you shouldn’t have any problem lathe turning, fly-cutting, grinding or contouring polyurethanes.

At Universal Urethane, our production machining services include custom-machined urethane rollers and related accessories that are less expensive than metal to produce and are more durable. Our polyurethane rollers are used in the automotive, agriculture, textile and oil and gas industries. They come in a wide assortment of sizes and shapes, from hourglass to V-shaped.