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Yes. Our on-site CNC milling capabilities enables us to manufacture molds and tooling to produce your odd shaped or sized part.
Yes. We’ll gladly ship via your preferred method using your account number.
Yes. UUP can offer rush and emergency services to our customers. Contact our sales staff for these specific charges.
Polyurethane typically outperforms rubber in areas of abrasion and wear-resistance. Polyurethane is less susceptible to rotting and deterioration than rubber.
Yes. We offer many international shipping options.
Durometer is the hardness of a non-metallic product or the gauge used to measure the hardness. The two most common elastomer durometer scales, using slightly different measurement systems, are the ASTM D2240 type A and type D scales. The A scale is for softer urethanes, while the D scale is for harder ones.

Methylene Di-isocyanate; A base form of polyurethane resin that needs non-Moca Type curatives.

Toluene Di-isocyanate; A base form of polyurethane resin that needs Moca Type curatives.

Our typical lead time is between 4-6 weeks.
As long as we have a part or a print, we can reverse engineer anything.
We are located in Toledo, Ohio.

No, polyurethane outperforms rubber in the cold. When the temperature drops, rubber may break down, but urethane keeps doing its thing. If you have a piece of equipment that needs abrasion or corrosion resistance – and it will be exposed to the elements- you may want to considering covering it with urethane.     

We can make any durometer from 5 durometer Shore A to 100 durometer Shore A.