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Polyurethane Pads & Bumpers

Polyurethane Sheet
Urethane Pad
Urethane Sheet

What makes polyurethane pads suitable for various uses?

Polyurethane is used in a variety of industrial applications because it can be formulated to meet specific properties.  Polyurethane pads can be utilized in their flat state in applications such as tabletops, cutting pads and liners. Die cutters, waterjet cutters and machine shops can convert these flat pads into simple gaskets, rings, seals, scrapper blades or an array of other custom parts.   

Polyurethane pads are used across a wide range of industries that need high resistance to wear caused by impact and abrasion. Polyurethane pads are generally used as replaceable liners that protect metal surfaces from damage when handling abrasive media. This can include aggregate handling equipment in the mining industry, grain handling equipment in the agriculture industry, and concrete handling/mixing equipment in the construction industry.

Our polyurethane pads are lightweight and modular square sections. This design allows for cheaper shipping, easier handling, and much smoother emplacement. Most of our pads come in standard sizes and have fast lead times due to standardized production. Pricing is readily available below for standard sizes. We also offer custom molded polyurethane pads for customers that have specialty sizing requirements. All of our standard pads are hydrolytically stable and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Universal Urethane Products stocks hand-poured polyurethane pads as well as polyurethane sheet stock to meet your various application needs.  These are generally in our standard colors, standard formulations and in durometers 40A,50A, 60A, 70A, 80A, 90A, and 65D.

Our standard cast polyurethane pad is abrasion resistant, chemical resistant and can be custom formulated for specific applications. We offer a wide selection of polyurethane pads to suit almost any application.


Many industries prefer urethane cutting surfaces over plastic, glass, or metal. Here is an example of the benefits of using polyurethane pads versus plastic:


Polyurethane pads prevent cutting blade deflection from scarred working surfaces or from following previous cut marks.

-Custom Sizes

Only purchase what you need to save money and reduce waste.

-Easy to Clean

Polyurethane cutting surfaces are easy to wipe down and both sides of the pad can be utilized.


Polyurethane has a greater abrasion and tear strength than rubber and is resistant to many chemicals, acids and bases.

Common Uses for Polyurethane Pads/Sheets by Industry

-Metal Forming Industry

Forming pads, polyurethane pads for hydraulic press, metal stamping pads, impact pads, vibration dampening pads.

-Agricultural Industry

Chute and hopper liners, belt wipers, conveyor skirting, truck bed liners, pipe liners.

-Mining Industry

Aggregate handling, abrasive media handling, hopper liners, chute liners, shaker liners, skirting, belt wipers, conveyor wipers.

-Construction Industry

Plate compactor pads, concrete mixer drum liners, mixer truck liners, charge hopper liners, mixing paddles, scrapers, concrete handling.

Advantages of Polyurethane

Polyurethane is a unique material that offers the elasticity of rubber combined with the toughness and durability of metal. Polyurethane is up to FIVE times stronger than rubber. Because urethane is available in a very broad hardness range, it allows the engineer to replace rubber, plastic, and metal with the ultimate in abrasion resistance and physical properties. Polyurethane can reduce plant maintenance and OEM product cost. Many applications using this ultra-tough material have cut down-time, maintenance time, and cost of parts to a fraction of the previous figures. The following are other advantages polyurethane has to offer:
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Oil and Solvent Resistant
  • Load Bearing Capacity
  • Tear Resistant
  • Excellent Noise Abatement Properties
  • Flex-Life

Polyurethane pads have better abrasion and tear resistance than rubbers, while offering higher load bearing capacity.

Compared to plastics, urethanes offer superior impact resistance, while offering higher load bearing capacity.

Polyurethane Pads have replaced metals in sleeve bearings, wear plates, sprockets, rollers, and various other parts, with benefits such as weight reduction, noise abatement, and wear improvements being realized.  

  • Standard urethane bumpers stock sizes available in stock
  • Custom polyurethane pads stock available on request
  • Standard durometers available from 40A to 65D
  • Standard Colors: Red, Natural, Yellow and black (other colors upon request)
  • High Resistance to abrasion and impact.
  • Resistant to many chemical compounds.
  • Oil and Solvent resistant