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Coil Pads

Universal Urethane coil storage pads are designed for an easy, safe and cost effective way to store steel, aluminum and brass coils on any surface.

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Heavy Duty Urethane Steel Coil Storage Systems

Industry leading design and wear resistant urethane from UUP

UUP steel coil storage systems include floor pads, blocks, chocks, racks, cradles and saddles used to transport and store metal coils safely while allowing for easy access and lubricant management. With years of improved design and wear resistant construction, both our steel coil storage systems help cut costs by reducing coil damage.

UUP offers coil steel storage systems that are designed to accommodate a range of coil sizes with varying weight capacities. Our system components are made with industry leading high-grade polyurethane and reinforced steel frames to ensure durability and maximum protection. In addition, they feature a radius contour for added stability as well as embedded inserts for anchoring to the floor.

The main goal of our steel storage systems is to keep lines operating continuously with minimal downtime or disruption due to damaged material.

Various sizes and specifications are available.

Whether you need to protect a single coil or hundreds, Universal Urethane has the solution for your needs. We also offer quick-ship options as well as custom sizes and styles, providing you with a comprehensive solution to your needs.

Universal Urethane is your reliable source for heavy-duty coil urethane storage floor pads and saddles. Trust the professionals with over 50 years of experience in design engineering and manufacturing of high quality innovative polyurethane parts and products to protect metals since 1973. With Universal Urethane Coil Protection, you can rest assured that you are protected from the ground up. Contact us help build or improve your storage system. 

What you need to know about our Coil Pads

These urethane storage pads can come with oil collection reservoirs and countersunk bolt holes or both. Our polyurethane floor pads can be produced in orange, red, yellow, grey and black making them easily visible to the crane operators when storing a coil. These floor pads are easy to lay end to end for coil storage organization and can keep floors clean of oil with our oil collection reservoirs.

Why use polyurethane storage pads?

These coil protector pads are manufactured for today’s fabricators and metal processors. Through consistent use, in the handling and storage of coil inventories, our coil pads can reduce the cost of waste and damages. Every point in a metal coil processing line where the finished surface of the material is touching another surface is an opportunity to damage the material. From the loading of the coils onto the coil car to the pay-off reel and threading through the line, coil processors must pay extra attention to their processes to avoid scratching the pre-finished or finished surfaces. Even the surface on which the coils are laid during inventory is a potential source of damage to the surface-sensitive materials

Our pads can take the place of wooden saddles and unlike the wooden floor saddles, our urethane floor pads are virtually indestructible and they will not mark the outer layers of the coils. Protecting your surface critical metals is very important. That is why you need a high performance polyurethane coil storage pad from Universal Urethane. With the proper installation and usage, urethane floor storage pads protect metal products from damages and will reduce scrap and waste. Our floor mats work for all materials stored on the floor that can be damaged in the storage process.

Do I need a Coil Storage Pad or Saddle? Coil Storage pads and coil storage saddles are very similar. However, depending on what you are going to use them for is gonna be the main decision on which one you need. If you need something for long term storage, we would recommend a coil storage pad over a coil storage saddle. However, if you know you’re storing your coil somewhere short term and your picking up the coil by the face of it, we would recommend a coil saddle because a saddle sits up higher than a storage pad and the saddle give you a gap under the coil to be able to wrap any type of rope around it. Also, a coil storage saddle is easier to move therefore when you’re not using a coil storage saddle, it can be easily moved out of the way.


UUP-996 Coil Storage Pad

UUP-996 Coil Storage Pad

16 1/2″ wide, “V” shaped coil pad

Standard lengths available up to 10 FT

Custom Lengths Available

UUP-997 Coil Storage Pad

UUP-997 Coil Storage Pad

17 1/2″ wide, “V” shaped coil pad

Standard lengths available up to 20 FT

Custom lengths available

UUP-998 Coil Storage Pad

UUP-998 Coil Storage Pad

12″ wide with a 6″ flat

“V” shaped on edges

Standard lengths available up to 16 FT

Custom Lengths Available

UUP-2076 Coil Storage Pad

UUP-2076 Coil Storage Pad

20″ Wide “V” shaped x 76″ long coil pad

Designed for coils up to 72″ long

This pad will contain 100% of all oil that comes from coils. No oil will leak to the floor with this pad.