Coil Protection Rams

Universal Urethane Products Coil Protection

At Universal Urethane, we specialize in finding effective solutions that will improve yield, quality and production efficiencies, literally from the ground up.

Coiled materials can pose extra challenges when using standard material handling equipment. Luckily, Universal Urethane’s Forklift Coil Rams simplify the process, making it safer, faster, and most importantly, more cost effective. They improve efficiency in applications involving steel coils, concrete tubes, and other hollow cylindrical materials.

Each Coil Ram is designed to meet your unique specifications, so these attachments can integrate smoothly into your operations. 

If you are concerned with any or all of these key factors, these products are meant for you:

  • Minimize or eliminate the need for other overhead lifting devices such as coil grabs
  • Simple and fast to attach to and detach from forklifts as needed
  • Lifting capacity of 250 to 100,000 lbs
  • Designed to accommodate several forklift mast styles
  • Can be customized to specific core diameters, lengths and load capacities
  • Ideal solution for handling cylinder materials
  • Fork or carriage mounted coil ram forklift attachment
  • Used to lift, load, and transport of coiled materials
  • Custom-made