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corrigated rolls

Corrugated Feed Rolls

Universal Urethane offers the world’s finest line of No-Crush urethane conversion roll products to eliminate the problems of crushed and/or inconsistent calipers of boxboard products.

If your company has printer slotters, rotary die cutters, Flexo Folder Gluers. it can be updated with No-Crush components.

The corrugated industry utilizes rolls in numerous functions including feeding, hold down, coating and printing. Each of these applications has their unique parameters that must be met. These include heat and chemical resistance, release, hardness and modulus. An effective roll covering must possess characteristics which match the requirements of the specific application. Urethane roll coverings for corrugated applications typically must exhibit high coefficient of friction properties, abrasion, and heat and ozone resistance.

The following is a list of some of the machines on which Universal Urethane No-Crush urethane corrugated feed rolls are used:

  • Greenwood
  • Isowa
  • Langston
  • S&S
  • Koppers
  • United
  • Ward
  • Staley
  • Simon
  • Martin
  • Prime
  • Marquip

Any boxboard machine can be updated with No-Crush components. Benefits of No-Crush rolls using silicone material include:

  • Corrugated rider rolls in glue stations to prevent starch or glue from building up on the outer surface of roll
  • Corrugator cut-off knife ballast rolls where wax is applied to the corrugated board for water-proofing purposes

Universal Urethane makes conventional feed rolls at several different durometers to fit the needs of our customer’s process. We also make dual durometer feed rolls that have a hard top layer with a softer bottom layer for less corrugated crush.

Rolls have been installed in both the glue station and cut-off knife areas with outstanding results.