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Polyurethane Disk Bearings

Polyurethane Elastomeric Discs for Bridge Bearings

Extending functional lifespans and reducing overall maintenance costs.

Universal Urethane Products has designed and created urethane bridge disc bearings able to withstand the most difficult physical properties. Currently used in over 15 states, our spherical disk bearings provide the same load capacity and movement as Pot Bearings provide with even a lower profile. The polyurethane elastomeric disc in the bearing accommodates very high vertical design loads, at the same time maintaining its ability to provide rotation in both longitudinal and transverse directions. The size and geometry of the disc is designed as per the specific requirements of the projects. Unlike pot bearings, our disk bearings don’t rely on rubber seals to retain the elastomer, therefore offering the potential for greater service life. Not only does our bridge bearings offer longevity but they are better performing in rotation and lower cost. Bridge builders all over the world are switching over to urethane disc bearings.

polyurethane elastomeric disc

UUP has been certified in “ Hardness to Physical Properties” (AASHTO Also, meets specification requirements of “AASHTO LRFD Bridge Construction”(Section & Table

polyurethane elastomeric disc

Elastomeric bridge bearings provide key structural  benefits in the field of civil engineering and infrastructure by accommodating both horizontal rotation and horizontal shear movement.  Serving to absorb energy and distribute loads from outside forces in a controlled manner, they reduce stress on crucial components of bridges and buildings, thereby extending their functional lifespans and reducing overall maintenance costs. 

The polyurethane elastomeric bridge bearings we design and manufacture at Universal Urethane Products are flexible, rubber-like disks that are strategically placed between a bridge’s superstructure and substructure for the purposes of safely and efficiently accommodating movement caused by thermal expansion, seismic activity, and other dynamic, external forces. The superior ability of elastomeric bearings to absorb and accommodate these forces enhances the overall safety and comfort for pedestrians and vehicles by minimizing bridge vibrations, noise transmission, and other dangerous distractions. Additionally, because they are also cost-effective, easy to install, and require minimal maintenance, elastomeric bearings are the most widely used type of bridge bearing chosen by civil engineers today; they are a practical choice for any sustainable, long-lasting project. 

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