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Mandrel Segments

Mandrel Segments

Universal Urethane specializes in manufacturing urethane expander-filler plates for unwind and rewind mandrels. Segments are used to either quickly adapt a reel to a different size or to add grip and protection.

Features of Universal Urethane’s urethane mandrel segments include:

  • Lightweight urethane material for easy and quick installation
  • Pumpkin toothed, straight or serpentine edges to fit your mandrel
  • Beveled urethane segment edges to prevent coil creasing
  • Dual durometer to increase friction and minimize coil damage
  • Mandrel segments can be fitted to any reel size, style or shape
  • Urethane mandrel segments can have removable or steel nose pieces to reduce damage to mandrel segments

Advantages of our urethane segments over plastic or steel segments include:

  • Urethane segments will not crack, chip or break like the plastic segments do. Also our price and delivery is considerably better than plastic segments which are typically made outside the United States.
  • Urethane segments offer a greater coefficient of friction compared to both steel and plastic segments and will not mark steel when unwinding or rewinding a coil
  • Urethane segments can be grooved to help with oil relief.
  • Urethane segments can be made of different durometers or dual durometers
  • Urethane segments can be made from our entire variety of formulas for special applications such as higher temperatures and oily steel.

Urethane offers customers a faster delivery time and it’s a more economical material than plastic.

We offer a number of different types of polyurethane, rubber and composite (neoprene + polyurethane) formulations designed to accommodate your processing operations. A variety of surface finishes and grooving patterns are available depending on sheet type, including steel, aluminum, copper, brass, plated, coated and painted.

Universal Urethane offers a wide variety of durometers, materials and finishes for mandrel segments. We specialize in:

  • Urethane unwind mandrel segments
  • Urethane unwind filler plates
  • Urethane mandrel segments
  • Urethane boot segments
  • Urethane coated segments

Universal Urethane offers high quality, maintenance friendly, cost effective products backed by our commitment to service and customer satisfaction.

Basic Information Needed for Urethane Mandrel Segment Pricing

The following information is needed for basic pricing on magnet segments:

  • True round diameter of mandrel when expanded
  • Over expanded diameter of mandrel
  • Length of reel
  • ID of coils to be handled
  • Number of segments on the reel
  • Type of edges: straight, pumpkin teeth, or serpentine

Supplying this basic information to Universal Urethane is enough to generate a reasonably accurate quote for a set of mandrel spacers.