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Steel Mill Rolls Uncovered

Steel Mill Rolls

With a maximum size of 64” in diameter, Universal Urethane has the knowledge and equipment to recover almost any roll.

Universal Urethane has been an industry leader in refurbishing rolls for steel and aluminum mills and service centers. Here at Universal Urethane, we are not afraid of any size roll. With a maximum size of 64” in diameter, Universal Urethane has the knowledge and equipment to recover almost any roll. 

Types of urethane rolls we recover include:

  • Bridle rolls for steel and aluminum mills:
    • We have developed special materials to increase coefficient of friction while increasing wear and physical properties.
  • Blocker rolls:
    • Our blocker rolls are formulated to withstand abuse and most importantly handle coil weight without covers delaminating.
  • Coater rolls:
    • Our coater rolls are ground to customer specifications including 40-60 RA finish. These rolls are formulated to have high wear properties to cut down on changing rolls.
  • Squeegee rolls:
    • Universal Urethane has developed an ether based material specifically for squeegee roll applications. This material has been found to outlast standard rubber squeegee rolls by up to 10 times greatly reducing down time and bearing replacement costs.
  • Tower rolls
    • We have developed standard coverings for tower rolls designed for long life and we have premium coverings for rolls that have chemical carry-through.
  • Cell/Spider rolls:
    • Our cell rolls are made from a specific formula for warm electrolytic water typically found in this application.
  • Hold down rolls
    • Our holds down coverings are designed for heavy abuse and they are made to resist delamination from overloading or line malfunctions.
  • Print rolls
    • We have formulated print roll covers with durometers from 20 shore “A” to 70 shore “A”. RA finishes from 40-120 available.
  • Pinch rolls
    • Our pinch roll coverings resist cuts and chunks. They offer a heavy pinch without delamination of the covering. Rolls are size matched to prevent different speed and feed problems between the rolls.

As an added service to our customers, Universal Urethane can also take a roll straight out of a service line and return it to you ready to install. The following is a typical procedure for a complete rebuild of a roll:

  • Receive roll with all bearings, housings, and frames attached.
  • Remove, clean, and straighten frames.
  • Remove bearings, housings, and seals. The housings are inspected and repaired if needed.
  • Completely inspect roll and shaft. Ultrasonic and Wet mag particle test roll and shaft. Any needed repairs are quoted at this time. A report is supplied for the UT/Wet Mag testing.
  • Recover your roll and finish per print.
  • Replace bearings, seals, and housings. Bearings and seals are supplied new or reconditioned.
  • Replace the frames

The roll is now ready to be replaced into service without added cost or time incurred by your employees.

A wide variety of surface finishes, groove patterns, and roll profiles are available from Universal Urethane. Depending on how a roll is used and the area that the roll is used in, any combination of the following finishes can be used.


  • Cast Finish
  • Ground Finish
  • Rough Cut/ Saw Cut Finish
  • Smooth Ground Finish
  • Rough Ground Finish
  • Non-Directional Crepe 1 Finish
  • Non-Directional Crepe 2 Finish
  • Taper Finish
  • Tool Finish
  • High Polish Finish

Roll Profiling

  • Diamond Cut
  • Helix Cut
  • Herring Bone
  • Vertical Groove
  • Horizontal Groove
  • Spiral Groove 
  • Chevron Groove