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Urethane Core Manufacturing and Repairs

Universal Urethane creates a complete incoming inspection report. Rolls that have frames, bearings, couplings or gears, we will remove and cataloged to return to the customer or re-use if possible.

Complete Rolls by Universal Urethane

  • Using a print, sketch, or having a Universal Urethane representative measure your existing roll, we can quote a complete roll with roll core, shaft, bearings, couplings, and covering, assembled and ready to install.
  • Universal Urethane is also very competitive on large runs of small to mid-sized cores. We use a CNC lathe to manufacture hundreds of small cores at a time.
  • Universal Urethane can make a new core from any grade of steel, solid or tubing, aluminum, combination of aluminum and steel, or cast metal.

Roll Refurbishing by Universal Urethane

  • Refurbishing a roll or repairing a journal is a far less expensive solution to a broken or worn roll than making a new roll complete. When a roll is received by Universal Urethane a complete incoming inspection report is generated. Rolls that have frames, bearings, couplings or gears, we will have them removed and cataloged to return to the customer or re-use if possible. After inspection, any repairs found needed are quoted to our customer. If bearings, seals, couplings, and gears were sent with the roll, we would then quote replacing or re-using the items as needed. Ultrasonic and magnetic particle testing of the roll and shaft is done at this time if required by our customer or if we think its necessary from repairs we have made. Universal Urethane handles removal of bearings and couplings in house with a custom designed bearing puller. Our puller does not damage journals in the removal of bearings nor will we torch a shaft to get off a bearing or coupling. This extra service can save considerable money on future journal repairs to our customers.

Common Journal Repairs by Universal Urethane:

  • Worn seal diameters
  • Worn bearing diameters
  • Repair damaged lathe center hole
  • Replace broken journal with new journal
  • Repair cracked and broken welds
  • Repair worn threads
  • Repair damaged threads

Shaft Replacement and Repair by Universal Urethane

  • In a case where a roll shaft breaks, Universal Urethane can many times remove and replace the shaft while salvaging the roll body and end plates. Using a large hydraulic press the broken shaft is pressed out and a new shaft is put in its place. The balance is then re-checked with the new shaft. This can save more than half the cost of making a new roll when other components of a roll can be saved. Also, many rolls such as cell squeegee rolls or spider squeegee rolls come out of service with worn shafts. We will either re-furbish the shaft completely or replace the shaft if the repairs are deemed too extensive.

Common Shaft Replacement by Universal Urethane

  • Shaft broken at neck of roll
  • Shaft fails Ultrasonic testing and is found to have cracks
  • Shaft is too damaged to cost effectively repair

Non Destructive Testing by Universal Urethane

The following areas are routinely tested when a non destructive test is needed.

  • Ultrasonic test to the shaft. This is to see if there are any internal cracks in the shaft or journal which will lead to a broken shaft in service. This test can help avoid major downtime and repair.
  • Mag particle testing to welded areas. We will check the welds around the shaft to the rolls end plates, the rolls end plates to the rolls body, and any seams the roll body may have from being rolled and welded.

We use a third party for our non destructive testing. This is to guarantee the integrity of the testing we do.

This third party supplies an impartial point of view and supplies in writing the findings of his tests. We supply you with copies of the test results.