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Urethane Solutions for the Mining Industry

Durability and Performance You Can Trust

The mining industry demands tough, reliable equipment that can withstand harsh conditions. Downtime due to broken parts can significantly impact your bottom line. At Universal Urethane, we understand these challenges.

Polyurethane offers a superior alternative to traditional materials commonly used in mining applications. Polyurethane’s exceptional strength, abrasion resistance, and tear resistance make it ideal for components that endure heavy wear and tear. Unlike rubber, which can degrade when exposed to oils and chemicals, polyurethane maintains its integrity even in harsh environments. Furthermore, urethane’s excellent dampening properties can minimize vibration and noise, improving operator comfort and equipment longevity.

By incorporating our high-performance urethane products into your mining operations, you can experience reduced maintenance costs, improved efficiency, and extended equipment life.

Urethane Belt Wipers

Universal Urethane offers a comprehensive selection of belt wipers designed to remove carryback material from conveyor belts, preventing buildup and ensuring efficient operation. Our belt wipers are manufactured from high-performance urethane for superior durability and wear resistance.
  • High-Temp Belt Wipers: Formulated to withstand high-temperature environments.
  • Tri-Layer Belt Wipers: Offer exceptional cleaning performance for various materials.
  • USDA Wet Belt Wipers: Designed for use in applications with wet materials and USDA compliance requirements.

Urethane Cable Protectors

Universal Urethane offers high-strength cable protectors ideal for safeguarding electrical cables, hoses, and wires in harsh mining environments. These interlocking protectors are manufactured from durable urethane, providing exceptional resistance to abrasion, impact, and crushing.

Urethane Classifier Shoes

Universal Urethane’s classifier shoes are built to last in harsh mining environments. Made from wear-resistant urethane, they outperform traditional steel shoes by lasting up to 2.5 times longer. Available in a range of sizes to fit most popular classifier models, they are lightweight for reduced strain and eliminate the need for separate left and right shoes for easier maintenance.

Urethane with Expanded Metal Backing

Universal Urethane offers urethane sheets laminated to an expanded metal back sheet for enhanced rigidity and impact resistance. This combination provides the wear-resistant properties of urethane with the added strength of the expanded metal, ideal for heavy-duty mining applications. Available in thicknesses ranging from 3/16″ to over 1 inch, these sheets can be custom cut to your exact dimensions.

Durable Urethane Liners

Universal Urethane provides high-performance urethane liners designed for exceptional durability and wear resistance in demanding industrial environments. These liners are ideal for applications involving material handling, impact absorption, and abrasion protection. Available in various thicknesses and customizable sizes, our urethane liners effectively safeguard equipment and components, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

Urethane Impact Pads

Universal Urethane offers dependable urethane impact pads specifically designed to absorb impact and reduce wear in harsh mining environments. These pads are manufactured from high-durability urethane, significantly outperforming traditional materials like steel. Available in a variety of thicknesses and customizable sizes, urethane impact pads effectively protect equipment from damage, minimize downtime, and extend equipment lifespan.

Polyurethane Lined Aluminum Pipes

Upgrade your mining operation’s metal pipes with custom urethane lining from Universal Urethane. Our durable lining boosts abrasion resistance and combats corrosion, extending pipe life. Applicable to various diameters and thicknesses, urethane lining offers a cost-effective way to optimize your pipe systems.

Flotation Urethane Products

Universal Urethane provides high-durability urethane parts to enhance the performance of flotation equipment in various mining applications. These wear-resistant parts outperform traditional materials, significantly reducing downtime for repairs and replacements. Urethane’s superior properties ensure efficient operation and extended life for critical components within your flotation process.

Durable Lined Camlocks

Universal Urethane offers high-performance lined camlocks designed for superior wear resistance in harsh mining environments. These camlocks feature a durable urethane lining that surpasses traditional materials in protecting against abrasion and chemical corrosion. Available in a variety of sizes to match common mining hose diameters, lined camlocks ensure secure connections and extended service life for your critical fluid transfer operations.

Non-Reinforced Urethane Liners

Universal Urethane offers non-reinforced urethane liners, ideal for applications requiring flexibility and wear resistance. These cost-effective liners are perfect for chutes, hoppers, and other areas needing protection from abrasion. Available in various thicknesses from ¼ inch to 2 inches and large sheet sizes to accommodate broad coverage areas, our non-reinforced liners can be easily custom cut to your exact specifications.

Modular Urethane Panels

Universal Urethane provides high-performance urethane modular panels designed for quick and easy installation in mining operations. These lightweight and interlocking panels offer superior abrasion and wear resistance compared to traditional steel screens. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit most common screening equipment, our modular panels minimize downtime during replacements and ensure efficient material processing.

Polyurethane Parts for Mining Pumps

Universal Urethane offers high-performance urethane components specifically designed to enhance the longevity and efficiency of mining slurry pumps. Our wear-resistant urethane liners and impellers outperform traditional metal alternatives, minimizing downtime for repairs and replacements. These components resist abrasion from harsh slurries, extending pump life and reducing overall maintenance costs.

Precision-Cast Urethane Sheets

Universal Urethane provides high-tolerance precision-cast urethane sheets for applications demanding exceptional uniformity and performance. These sheets are manufactured using a meticulous casting process, ensuring consistent thickness (± 0.002″ for thicknesses up to .125″) for optimal fit and function. Available in a range of thicknesses (from 0.020″ to 0.375″) and durometers (hardness levels), our precision-cast urethane sheets can be custom fabricated to your precise specifications, ideal for critical components and prototyping.

Mining Pipe Systems

Universal Urethane offers high-performance urethane solutions to enhance your mining pipe systems. Urethane’s exceptional abrasion resistance significantly outlasts traditional metal pipes, minimizing downtime and replacement costs. These lightweight and flexible pipes are easier to install and maneuver in tight spaces compared to rigid metal alternatives.

Urethane Spray Deflectors

Universal Urethane’s high-durability urethane spray deflectors excel in harsh mining environments. They effectively distribute water spray for even screen cleaning, minimizing water damage and wear on screen decks. Available in sizes to fit common spray bars (1.5″ and 2″ diameters) and featuring a large-diameter hole to prevent clogging, our urethane deflectors offer a cost-effective solution to optimize your screening process.

Durable Urethane Elbows

Universal Urethane provides high-performance urethane elbows designed for exceptional wear resistance in mining applications. These elbows outperform traditional metal alternatives, significantly reducing downtime for repairs and replacements. Available in a variety of bend angles (including 45° and 90°) and sizes to match common pipe diameters, urethane elbows ensure reliable material flow throughout your mining operations.

Urethane Rods and Tubes

Available in a variety of standard and custom sizes, our urethane rods and tubes offer exceptional abrasion resistance and wear properties. Ideal for lining chutes, conveyor systems, and impact areas, they minimize downtime and maintenance costs. Sizes range from ½ inch diameter to 12 inches in diameter, with lengths up to 20 feet.

Reliable Urethane Fasteners

Universal Urethane offers high-performance urethane solutions for fasteners commonly used in demanding mining environments. Urethane’s exceptional strength and durability outperform traditional materials, minimizing breakage and replacement needs. These lightweight and corrosion-resistant fasteners are easier to handle and install compared to metal alternatives.

Urethane Sheet Fastening with Weld Washers

Universal Urethane offers weld washers specifically designed for fastening urethane sheeting in mining applications. These washers are placed within the urethane sheet and welded to a metal plate, creating a secure and permanent bond. For a clean finish, urethane plugs can be used to seal the washer openings. This cost-effective method simplifies urethane sheet installation and ensures a long-lasting hold.

Custom Molded Urethane Products for Mining

Don’t see exactly what you need amongst our standard urethane products? Universal Urethane offers custom molding solutions to meet your specific mining application challenges. Our experienced engineers collaborate with you to design and manufacture custom urethane parts in various shapes and sizes. With our high-performance urethane formulations, we can create wear-resistant, impact-absorbing components to optimize your mining equipment and processes.

Universal Urethane is your one-stop shop for high-performance urethane solutions in the mining industry. From wear-resistant liners to impact-absorbing components, our products are designed to extend equipment life, minimize downtime, and optimize your operations. Contact our experienced team today to discuss your specific needs and discover how Universal Urethane can help you achieve optimal performance and efficiency. Let us be your partner in mining success!