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Roll Finishes

Roll Finishes
& Roll Profiling

A wide variety of surface finishes, groove patterns, and roll profiles are available from Universal Urethane. Depending on how a roll is used and the area that the roll is used in, any combination of the following finishes can be used.

Roll Finishes

Cast Finish
60 Inch OD Roll in Lathe
Ground Finish
Sawcut Finish on Urethane Steel Roll
Rough Cut/ Saw Cut
Roll Finishes Coming Soon
Non-Directional Crepe 1
Ground Finish on Steel Roll covered in Urethane
Rough Ground
Vertical Slots on Steel Roll
Non-Directional Crepe 2
Taper Finish
Roll Finishes Coming Soon
Tool Finish
High Polish Finish

Roll Profiling

Diamond Cut on Steel Roll
Diamond Cut
Roll Finishes Coming Soon
Helix Cut
Herring Bone Groove Finish on Urethane Sleeve for Steel Industry
Herring Bone
Vertical Slots on Steel Roll
Vertical Groove
Polyurethane Sleeve with Horizontal Grooves
Horizontal Groove
Urethane Steel Roll Grooves
Spiral Groove
Roll Finishes Coming Soon
Chevron Groove
Checkboard Razor Slot on Steel Roll
Checkerboard Razor Slot