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Urethane Dead Blow Hammers
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Custom Urethane Hammers
Custom Urethane Hammers

Universal Urethane is a leading manufacture of Dead Blow Urethane Hammers.

Dead blow urethane hammers eliminate rebounds and delivers more power. The cast urethane striking surface is durable.

We can manufacture dead blow hammers and sledges featuring a semi-hollow head casting partially filled with iron shot designed to transfer a more powerful and solid blow.

Urethane mallets protect the operator from rebound or impact sting. They won't chip or splinter, and they resist petrochemicals and wear.

Urethane mallets can be used on materials including steel, iron, brass, aluminum and wood. Common industries served include HVAC, machine shops, refrigeration, oil refineries, sheet metal shops and furniture.


Urethane Dead Blow Mallet

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UUP-437X212 38 oz.

Urethane Dead Blow Hammer (Mallet Style)

Dead Blow Urethane Hammers and sledges featuring a semi-hollow head casting partially filled with iron shot designed to transfer a more powerful & solid blow.
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UUP-475X15 26oz.

Urethane Dead Blow Hammer (Tach Style)

Dead Blow Urethane Hammers and sledges featuring a semi-hollow head casting partially filled with iron shot designed to transfer a more powerful & solid blow.
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custom molded urethane mallets
Available in any color you choose.

Advantages of a custom molded
urethane mallets and urethane hammers

  • Prints are not required. We can reverse engineer an existing hammer or mallet.

  • Considerably tougher than plastic hammers or mallets.

  • One step molding process is more cost effective: Call us at 419-693-7400 for a fast free quote.

  • Tooling for compression molded hammers is very inexpensive in comparison to other forms of molding such as injection and transfer.

  • Quick and inexpensive for prototype and small volume jobs.

  • Delivery for a custom molded urethane mallet is very quick.

  • Able to mold intricate shapes with or without metal inserts.

  • Available in any color you choose.

  • We can quote from 1 to over 1000 custom molded hammers and mallets.

Compression molding responds to a wide range of product sizes, shapes and performance requirements. Our molded polyurethane mallets and hammers reduce the time and expense of machining parts from solid stock plastic.


Universal Urethane manufactures specialty molded polyurethane hammers and mallets

Order Urethane HammersUniversal Urethane Products is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of molded polyurethane and cast urethane products. We have molded millions of pounds of polyurethane for many industrial markets. We have been providing creative solutions from product engineering, mold designing, mold manufacturing and custom formulated polyurethanes to provide our customers with the best quality polyurethane molded parts.

If you are seeking a world-class polyurethane manufacturer and a leader in molded polyurethane products and technology, then Universal Urethane is here to help. We offer a vast array of polyurethane compounds for your polyurethane molded parts.

Polyurethane molding produces a wide variety of products for most industries. Universal Urethane has been the polyurethane specialist that companies around the world have depended on to gain all of the advantages of polyurethane for a wide range of parts. Polyurethane molded parts can be rigid and solid depending on the durometer you need.

In addition, our extensive polyurethane stock ensures rapid turn-around for your polyurethane parts requirements. The formula for our success is based on the fact that we determine our customers' needs for design, delivery, and price - and we meet those needs better than any other cast urethane product manufacturer. Our in-house polyurethane molding design expertise gives us the ability to provide our customers with cost-effective tooling.

Universal Urethane has been manufacturing polyurethane injection molding parts for several industries.Injection molded polyurethane hammers and mallets have been produced for various industrial sectors including transportation, building and construction, machinery and foundry, textiles, fiberglass, steel and aluminum, seals and wipers.

Your possibilities with our varied polyurethane molding options are almost limitless, including compression, transfer and injection molded, extruded or calendared.

  • Custom molding of cast polyurethane
  • Polyurethane product design and development
  • Polyurethane mold making and machining

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