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What Industries Use Polyurethane


A wide range of custom formulations allow urethane sheets to be manufactured for a wide range of industries. Industries such as automotive, jewelry, agriculture, aerospace and computer industry.


What Should You Consider When Selecting a Polyurethane Sheet Manufacturer?

When considering a manufacturer, you want to make sure that they offer every specification that you are looking for. It is very important for you to get the right sheet for the job. Below are a few qualifications to keep in mind when selecting a urethane sheet manufacturer:


    Look at their sheeting specs. Do they offer the sizing and hardness that you need, can they handle the unique requirements that you are trying to obtain. Knowing the manufacturers range of thickness and durometer specification will give you a sense of their machinability.


    Understand the manufacturing process and what they have to offer. Do they offer a no-wax polyurethane sheet? No-wax polyurethane sheet means that they go through a special process that allows the sheets to have no small layer wax on the outer layer of the sheet.


    Review their list of sheeting sizes. Does the manufacturer offer the correct size for you? If not, do they offer custom sizing to help fulfill your requirements. Now, if they offer a variety of sheeting types and sizes means more versatility for you and the ability to choose the best product for your needs.

Universal Urethane has a long history of superior product performance, outstanding quality, blistering lead time and excellent customer service. Universal Urethane is a top trusted provider of standard and custom urethane sheets. Learn more about Universal Urethane sheets here or contact us.

Why Use Polyurethane Over Rubber?

Because polyurethane parts provide longer service life when compared to plastics and rubber, and lower noise abatement properties when compared to metals. For these and many other reasons product engineers specify polyurethane components.

Why Use A Polyurethane Sheet/Pad?

Polyurethane pads have been manufactured here at Universal Urethane for 50 years! We have a custom polyurethane manufacturing line dedicated to producing new and replacement custom urethane pads.

Our pads are made from a high grade material polyurethane available in red, black and amber and hardness. Custom shapes and sizes of polyurethane pads can easily be reproduced from a sample part or sketch. Our team can build custom polyurethane pads for the most demanding applications. One example is our polyurethane “Surface Saver” impact pads/blades. Our polyurethane blades are found in almost every application requiring abrasion resistance and excellent load-bearing performance. Our custom urethane blades will even hold up to the harsh environment of being media blasted to provide traction for parts being processed . These urethane blades are made from a high quality ester based TDI resin.

Polyurethane Wear Pads have been in use since the early 1980’s. Today urethane wear pads are found in almost every application requiring abrasion resistance and excellent load-bearing performance. Universal Urethane has built a variety of additives that have enhanced the wearing properties.