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Coil Pads

Universal Urethane coil storage pads are designed for an easy, safe and cost effective way to store steel, aluminum and brass coils on any surface. Our polyurethane floor pads help

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Coil Saddles

Universal Urethane coil saddles are designed for an easy, safe and cost effective way to store steel, aluminum and brass coils on any surface. Our polyurethane floor saddles help organize

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Disk Bearing

A bridge bearing is a component of a bridge which typically provides a resting surface between bridge piers and the bridge deck. The purpose of a bearing is to allow

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custom parts 2

Custom Molded Parts

ADVANTAGES OF A CUSTOM CAST MOLDED URETHANE PARTS: Prints are not required. We can reverse engineer an existing part. Considerably tougher than plastic. One step molding process is more cost

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impact pads

Impact Pads

As a leading manufacturer for polyurethane impact pads, our polyurethane compact plates are made of a highly durable polyurethane that holds up to the toughest environments.

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Steel Mill Rolls

Universal Urethane has been an industry leader in refurbishing rolls for steel and aluminum mills and service centers. Here at Universal Urethane, we are not afraid of any size roll.

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Conveyor Rolls

Urethane Conveyor rollers are commonly made from a steel core coated with polyurethane commonly found in assembly lines. Urethane conveyor rollers are replacing plastic, rubber and metal rollers in today’s

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corrigated rolls

Corrugated Feed Rolls

Universal Urethane offers the world’s finest line of No-Crush urethane conversion roll products to eliminate the problems of crushed and/or inconsistent calipers of boxboard products.

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Drive Wheels

Polyurethane wheels offer a high degree of customization. Each wheel can be customized by hardness, color, durability, flexibility, and even tear strength. This means that polyurethane wheels offer benefits unmatched

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Guide Roller

V guide rollers are among the most important components in a variety of industries. They serve to properly position and lead items through a wide range of production lines. As

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Mandrel Sleeves

Sleeves are used on the payoff reel to adapt your current reel to different ID coils. Sleeves are used on the rewind reel to wind a sleeve to a specific

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Mandrel Segments

Universal Urethane specializes in manufacturing urethane expander-filler plates for unwind and rewind mandrels. Segments are used to either quickly adapt a reel to a different size or to add grip

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Urethane Chopper Cot

Universal Urethane Products Polyurethane Chopper Cot has been a leading manufacturer of fiberglass chopping cots worldwide. Universal Urethane has faced multiple challenges based on chopper designs however, we have a

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Truck with Snow Plow Cutting Edge

Snow Plow Blades

Why Polyurethane Snow Plow Cutting Edge? Outlasts Rubber by up to five times. Will not damage roadway markings, reflectors or cobblestone. Blades can be custom made to your specification–NO LIMITATIONS

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