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Guide Roller

Guide Roller

V guide rollers are among the most important components in a variety of industries. They serve to properly position and lead items through a wide range of production lines.

V guide rollers have a slightly different design from traditional guide rollers in that they feature a deep groove running down the middle of the component. When in use, the parted roller cradles the track or cable, making these rollers a very secure option.

Another perk of using a roller with a V groove is that they tend to operate more evenly. Thanks to their steel structure, the rollers are smooth and built to last. Many of them can support two thousand pounds or more and can withstand temperatures above 150 degrees Fahrenheit. A roller with a V guide is often sealed in a manufacturing plant and coated with a special lubricant to ensure that they operate at high speeds with very little friction, reducing the chance of breakdowns or damage throughout a system.

A roller’s inherent purpose is to streamline production. Rollers with V grooves do that in multiple ways by their sheer design. As stated before, they are very durable, and manufacturers will likely be able to get years of use out of them. However, they are also designed to be extremely quiet. This is because their design is very complimentary to any parts that they will come in contact with. The rollers serve as an escort, not a speed bump. This is also due to the lubricant applied to every roller.

V guide rollers are an understated, yet significant aspect of many production lines. A roller supports a cable by shifting some of the workload onto itself. It also provides a favorable surface upon which metal can move back and forth without the possibility of erosion. Without a roller to seamlessly assist a production line, it is likely that there would be much wear and tear on a system, halting operations and costing a manufacturer a lot of money.

But their importance does not necessarily equate to a high price tag. V guide rollers are generally inexpensive, especially for the benefits they provide. They are also very easy to situate and can begin working at a high level in a short amount of time. These rollers can take any production line to the next level, in both efficiency and output. Urethane possesses several attractive properties for rollers, wheels, pulleys and bearings including high load bearing capacity, flexibility, strong bonding properties, high tensile strength, shock absorbency, beneficial electrical properties, and tear, abrasion, impact, chemical, water, oil, grease, mold, mildew and fungus resistance.  Additionally, urethane is an economical manufacturing application. At UUP, we are able to not only manufacture the urethane; we manufacture the cast molds making the production of urethane components even more economical for our customers.

Load bearing capabilities and low hysteresis are the attributes V-Rollers need to succeed. PTMEG-based cast polyurethane offers both of these properties. In addition, cast polyurethane can be formulated for low compression set. When a load is placed on a stationary roller for a period of time it will resist forming a flat spot, so that when it starts to rotate again, the motion will be smooth.

In high speed applications, the low hysteresis (low heat buildup) of the polyurethane allow it to run faster without getting so hot that it deforms from melting. The high resilience, or rebound and low tan delta, which is a measure of energy absorption, show that a PTMEG-based material will perform well dynamically.

Polyurethane v-rollers are lightweight, durable and resistant to just about any and every outside source you can imagine, including: mold, mildew, abrasion and flex fatigue.

V-rollers are used on boat trailers, moving cameras, production lines and in airport terminals. Their versatility and durability make urethane v-rollers the perfect choice for your project on the move.