Urethane Snow Plow Blades

(Specifications / Prices Below)

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The Urethane Snow Plow Blade Features:

  • Urethane replacements at rubber prices!
  • Urethane parts out last rubber by up to five times
  • HEAVY DUTY Urethane pieces are 1" X 10" X 12"
  • 85 / 90 durometer Urethane hardness
  • Buy direct from the manufacturer – eliminate middle man

Urethane blades have a five times higher abrasion resistance than rubber blades Using urethane blades made from a special formulated compound will reduce labor cost and downtime. Our new compound gives you urethane quality blades at rubber / neoprene pricing.

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Top 6 Reasons Urethane Snow Plow Blades are Better Than Rubber Snow Plow Blades

  1. Outlasts Rubber by up to five times
  2. Will not damage roadway markings, reflectors or cobblestone.
  3. Blades can be custom made to your specification. NO LIMITATIONS - Deal directly with the manufacturer.
  4. Reversible design provides two usable wear edges doubling the life.
  5. Urethane quality plow blade at rubber pricing!
  6. Reduce truck downtime because you don't have to change the plow blades as often - Cut maintenance costs.

Urethane Cutting Edges

Urethane can expand your customer base. Many plowing contracts may specify that steel cutting edges cannot be used. If you limit yourself to only using steel edges you could lose out on potential business. The use of steel edges has the potential to wear down the sealant on driveways and damage landscaping. Because of this, property managers or individuals may require the use of a urethane cutting edge. Adding the urethane edge to your plow lineup can expand your customer base.

Urethane is quiet. Apartment complexes, hospitals and those on your early morning routes will appreciate the urethane cutting edge as it offers a quieter alternative to its steel counterpart. A urethane edge also decreases vibration in the cab as the contact intensity with the ground surface is minimized.

Urethane glides over frozen gravel. If you desire to keep a base layer of snow on a gravel surface, urethane cutting edges will slide over frozen gravel leaving a thin coating of snow on the surface.

Urethane performs best with fresh snow or slush. The nature of the urethane material allows it to mold to the ground surface. Because of this, it creates a squeegee effect and performance is maximized when plowing fresh snow or slushy conditions.

Urethane reduces obstacle impact. Urethane's material composition is a type of durable, heavy duty, flexible plastic. In the event you hit a hidden obstacle the urethane acts like an extra cushion with the normal blade trip. That means less impact on you and your equipment.