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Custom Molded Parts

Compression molding responds to a wide range of product sizes, shapes and performance requirements. Our casted polyurethane parts reduce the time and expense of machining parts from solid stock plastic.


  • Prints are not required. We can reverse engineer an existing part.
  • Considerably tougher than plastic.
  • One step molding process is more cost effective than machining blocks of plastic.
  • Can produce custom cast molded parts to replace brass parts which require expensive machining. The parts can be slick with low friction if needed.
  • Quick and inexpensive for prototype and small volume jobs.
  • Delivery for a custom molded urethane part is very quick.
  • Able to mold intricate shapes with or without metal inserts.
  • We can quote from 1 custom molded part to over 1000 custom cast molded parts.
  • We can bond custom cast molded urethane parts to other substrates such as phenolic, steel, aluminum and plastic.

Compression molding responds to a wide range of product sizes, shapes and performance requirements. Our casted polyurethane parts reduce the time and expense of machining parts from solid stock plastic. Urethane Castings and Moldings

Urethane Precooler Exhaust Covers for Airplanes
Urethane Nacelle Exhaust Vent Covers for Airplanes

Cast Urethane Bushings

Our cast urethane bushings can be used in high impact areas where loads can exceed the capabilities of bronze or plastic. Our polyurethane bushings are formulated using high performance polymers.

Additional Custom Molded Parts Included:

  • Custom Urethane Cast Molded Suction Cups
  • Custom Urethane Molded Gears
  • Universal Urethane Manufacturers
  • Specialty Molded Polyurethane Parts

Universal Urethane Products is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of molded polyurethane and cast urethane products. We have molded millions of pounds of polyurethane for many industrial markets. We have been providing creative solutions from product engineering, mold designing, mold manufacturing and custom formulated polyurethane to provide our customers with the best quality polyurethane molded parts.

If you are seeking a world-class polyurethane manufacturer and a leader in cast molded polyurethane products and technology, then Universal Urethane is here to help. We offer a vast array of polyurethane compounds for your polyurethane molded parts.

Polyurethane molding produces a wide variety of products for most industries. Universal Urethane has been the polyurethane specialist that companies around the world have depended on to gain all of the advantages of polyurethane for a wide range of parts. Polyurethane molded parts can be rigid and solid depending on the durometer you need.

Universal Urethane Medium
Urethane Hose Holders
Abrasion Pads
Universal Urethane 21

In addition, our extensive polyurethane stock ensures rapid turn-around for your polyurethane parts requirements. The formula for our success is based on the fact that we determine our customers’ needs for design, delivery, and price – and we meet those needs better than any other cast urethane product manufacturer. Our in-house polyurethane molding design expertise gives us the ability to provide our customers with cost-effective tooling.

Universal Urethane has been manufacturing polyurethane injection molding parts for several industries. Injection molded polyurethane products have been produced for various industrial sectors including transportation, building and construction, machinery and foundry, textiles, fiberglass, steel and aluminum, seals and wipers.

Your possibilities with our varied polyurethane molding options are almost limitless, including compression, transfer and injection molded, extruded or calendered.

Custom molding of cast polyurethane Polyurethane product design and development Polyurethane mold making and machining Universal Urethane Products is an Experienced Molded Urethane Job Shop Universal Urethane has 18 compression presses that mold thousands of products daily. We mold all of our standard and custom formulas as well as our entire range of durometers, 20A to 80D.

The advantages of a molded urethane part versus machined plastic parts are numerous. The urethane is considerably tougher than plastic and the one step molding process is more economical than machining blocks of plastic. Tooling for compression molded parts is very inexpensive in comparison to other forms of molding. Universal Urethane makes all of its compression molds here in our own machine shop.

Other advantages of compression molding are its ability to mold large, fairly intricate parts. Also, it is one of the lowest cost molding methods compared with other methods such as transfer molding and injection molding. We do not require blueprints to make a custom part. We can make your part from an existing part supplied to us. Compression-molding is also suitable for ultra-large basic shape production in sizes beyond the capacity of extrusion techniques.

Small Example of Products We Manufacture:

  • Balls
  • Bumpers
  • Bushings
  • Caps
  • Diaphragms
  • Gaskets
  • Gears
  • Grommets
  • Hammers
  • Liners
  • Nozzles
  • Pads
  • Plugs
  • Rings
  • Scrapers
  • Seals
  • Snow plow Blades
  • Snowplow Wings
  • Suction Cups
  • Wipers
Corrugated Feed Rolls 1
Noodle Bushings

Featured Products

Urethane Bushings:

A urethane bushing acts as an independent plain bearing and is a specialty application for a urethane ring. Unlike most traditional bearings, bushings do not contain any rolling elements. Instead, they act as a protective interface between two parts and dampen the energy transmitted between the two, as the energy is redirected through the bushing.

Urethane Bearings, also called journal bearings, are cylindrical-shaped components with tubular inner surfaces that fit around shafts to facilitate sliding, rotating, and oscillating movement. Dry-run urethane sleeve bearings are lightweight and suitable for fast, high-load, and low-friction operations. Maintenance-free metallic and multi-layered sleeve bearings increase slide performance with an embedded, solid lubricant that’s self-applying and never requires maintenance. Lubricated metallic sleeve bearings come pre-applied with grease or oil to minimize friction and vibration. The flanged versions of these sleeve bearings have a protruding lip on one end that’s used as a thrust surface or to support installation. Thrust washers are thin, disk-shaped components that fit between bearings and stationary surfaces along a shaft to support axial and thrust movement. Clip bearings fit into holes in metal plates where shafts run through to prevent friction and provide wear resistance. Mounted urethane bearings have a housing to ease installation and provide additional support for the bearing.

Urethane Encapsulated Wire Brushes
Urethane Encapsulated Wire Brushes
Coupling Inserts