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Meet the Team

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Jeff Conrad



Jeff Conrad, Universal Urethane’s President, oversees Universal’s customer-facing teams including outside and inside sales, customer relationships and sales operations. Jeff has been a member of the UUP Team since 1980. Bringing decades of management and polyurethane experience, a passion for excellent customer service, and outstanding attention to detail.

One of Jeff’s personal philosophies is to always be moving forward. He brings this energy and ambition to his position everyday, engaging with and learning from the whole UUP family, suppliers, and especially customers.


Scott Conrad

Operation and Development


Scott began his career at Universal Urethane as Vice President in 1986, following half a decade of experience as a Plant Manager. As Vice President and Senior Manufacturing, Scott has seen Universal Urethane through years of exceptional growth in both size and capability while fostering a culture of empathy, integrity, and ownership.

Scott’s competitive spirit, passion for adventure, and care for people can be seen not only in his approach to leading Universal Urethane, but also in his extensive list of community-focused activities. As a lifetime polyurethane enthusiast, Scott feels very fortunate to lead an organization that is dedicated to providing unparalleled partnership with suppliers, customers and employees in this dynamic industry.


Jim Barr

Technical Sales Support


Jim Barr has always been intrigued by the details. At a young age, he enjoyed taking things apart to understand how they worked. As one of Universal Urethanes Plant Managers, he puts his analytical mind to work, deriving insights that enable Universal Urethanes’ long term health and growth. Jim maintains a fine-tuned balance between risk and reward, helping the company achieve strong financial performance through years of remarkable growth.

Since 1986, Jim has found endless intellectual stimulation from the dynamic, driven UUP team, who continue to motivate one another to do better and always move forward. Outside of work, Jim enjoys traveling with his family and working on home projects.


Collin Conrad

Vice President


Collin is responsible for collaborating with stakeholders across the organization to support finance operations and strategic planning. He creates financial models for decision making support, performs financial forecasting and reporting for senior leaders, and analyzes financial data.

As a family owned business, Collin understands what it has taken to get to where this company currently is and takes great pride and responsibility to continue this company’s growth and success. Before Universal Urethane, Collin graduated from Ohio University with a finance degree.


Clayton George

Production Manager


Clayton works to understand how Universal Urethanes’ systems can help his co-workers and employees do excellent work for our customers efficiently and effectively. He collaborates with the engineers and management to implement solutions and connect the dots between customer needs and customer solutions. Outside of work, Clayton enjoys golfing and spending time with his family. Before Universal Urethane, Clayton graduated from The University of Toledo with a sales degree.


Monty Coffman

Factory Sales Representative


As a Factory Sales Representative, Monty is responsible for helping Universal Urethane grow through current business opportunities. He works closely with the UUP team to identify new avenues for growth. After spending the last two decades in the polyurethane industry, Monty understands what it takes to grow in the polyurethane world.

Monty recognizes the value in Universals’ culture and appreciates their investment in growth and development. He is passionate for continuous improvement and enjoys mentoring fellow employees, as well as learning from his own mentors within Universal. In his free time, Monty enjoys spending time with his family and following his daughter’s golf careers.


Eric Helfich

Direct Factory Sales Representative


As a Direct Factory Sales Representative, Eric is responsible for helping Universal Urethane grow through exciting new business opportunities. He works closely with the UUP team to identify new avenues for growth. Creative collaboration with the team is the name of the game. Our team is your team. After spending the last 27 years in the polyurethane industry, Eric understands the parallels to establishing growth in the industry. Accountability and transparency are the key drivers when establishing relationships based on trust.


Heather Burmeister

Office Manager


As a 100% family-owned company, Universal Urethane nurtures a uniquely engaging environment where its team members directly influence the success of the company. Heather is passionate about the role that employees play in UUP’s growth and is dedicated to fostering an environment that reflects our values, prioritizes learning and development, and opens doors of opportunities for our valued team members.

Heather began her time at Universal in 1999  and has experienced the same growth and change as Universal has in the years since. She handles our accounts payable, payroll processing, cash processing , human resources and coordinating of staff calendars and appointments. In her free time Heather enjoys spending time with her husband and four daughters, playing tennis, hiking, biking and swimming.

Cindy Dreyer

Billing Specialist


As our Billing Specialist, Cindy handles accounts receivable, foreign shipments, online store tracking, manages our digital data storage and archiving and is our first line of defense in customer relations. Cindy is very persistent in her work and has tremendous organizational skills. She is always triple checking everything she does. Her attention to detail is unparalleled. With almost 15 years of experience, Cindy never lets a co-worker or a  customer down. Outside of work, Cindy enjoys playing tennis, being outdoors and spending time with her daughter and sons.