Coil Saddles

Universal Urethane coil saddles are designed for an easy, safe and cost effective way to store steel, aluminum and brass coils on any surface. Our polyurethane floor saddles help organize coil storage while also preventing damage to the outer layers of metal. Universal Urethane offers several different urethane floor saddle designs.

Universal Urethane coil protector pads are manufactured for today’s fabricators and metal processors. Through consistent use, in the handling and storage of coil inventories, our coil pads can reduce the cost of waste and damage.

Every point in a metal coil processing line at which the finished surface of the material touches another surface is an opportunity to damage the material. From the loading of coils onto the coil car to the pay-off reel and threading through the line, coil processors must pay extra attention to their processes to avoid scratching the finished surfaces.

Even the surface on which the coils are laid during inventory is a potential source of damage to surface-sensitive materials. You can prevent damage to your metal coil with a urethane coil pad from Universal Urethane.

To protect coils stored in inventory, coil pads made of polyurethane or an equivalent cushioning material are used. Universal Urethane Products in Toledo Ohio manufactures a wide selection of polyurethane coil floor pads.

Universal Urethane coil floor pads offer a “green” alternative to floor storage. Our pads can be custom made to replace wooden coil and storage saddles. Pads could be made as exact copies of wood, saving trees and helping our environment.

Urethane saddles can be custom made to your specifications or choose from our wide variety of in stock product

Advantages to using urethane coil storage saddles from Universal Urethane:

  • Fast and versatile installation of urethane storage saddles
  • Replace wood version with Urethane
    (last 10 times longer)
  • Maintenance free urethane coil saddles
  • Simplified housekeeping
  • High visibility
  • Insures stable, patterned coil storage
  • Urethane saddles eliminate damage from coil set downs
  • No more coil damage from uneven coils
  • Cost effective tooling for custom applications
  • Deal direct with manufacture
  • Increase plant safety